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5 tips for trips

5 Tips for Trips!

# 1 – Always have a first aid kit on hand when you are travelling. We have a workplace first aid kit in the car and a smaller first aid kit in our backpack when hiking or walking. You never know when you may need a winnie the pooh band aid! Also it is handy to have a mobile phone to call for help in case of an emergency.

# 2– First stop when you get into a town should be to the local information centre. These places have the inside knowledge on all of the places in the area, they can also offer you various discounts to points of interest and can even make bookings for you! If they do not have an information centre, check out the local pubs and/or cafes. You will always find someone in these establishments to help you out!

# 3 – Pack snacks! When we travel anywhere, we always have some snacks in the draws or the fridge, just in case we get hungry or worse still can’t find somewhere to stop for lunch! This will also save you major $$$$ in the long run, as you are not stopping and eating out daily. Something as easy as a few sandwiches or some cut up fruit in the fridge or esky can be a quick grab for the hangry mob.

# 4 – Be prepared for all weather and climates. When travelling, we have found that within a few hours drive of our base, we can go through all of the seasons. One minute it will be fine and sunny, then just down the road it can be pouring rain and cold. At the very least have a pocket poncho in the car, or better yet an umbrella and a raincoat. Just remember to put them back in when you have dried everything out.

# 5 – Buy yourself a good pair of hiking or walking shoes/boots. We bought waterproof hiking boots which have been great, as you don’t have to worry about getting wet socks when trekking through the bush or getting sand in your shoes. They will make the world of difference when one minute you are doing a nice leisurely walk, then decide to climb the local look out etc.


Most of all enjoy yourself, wherever you go,
 go with all of your heart!

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