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July 24, 2016 Comments (0) The Campfire, Wine Time

Sun’s out – Gun’s out!!

After lots of hugs, tears, declarations of love and a round of pass the parcel, we hit the road and made it to Hawks Nest for the first stint of our travels. Only 45 minutes from home but still with a bush mechanic style solar panel install to be done, weren’t sure if we would be back for tools so kept it close. Have learnt from the Grey Nomads that we would probably need a “shake down” as they call it to offload any items not required as we had probably over packed. Over pack? Me? Surely my red heels and neutral suede boots will be required at some stage.  So I gave the van a once over, but to be honest, I am still carrying enough clothing and shoes to clothe a small country and other than rearranging my plates on several occasions, there have been no other changes. Even kept my 4 coffee cups! Well, if it’s cold enough and I’m cranky enough, I will fill them all, line them up and skull them like a row of tequila shots on a bar!

There is only one way to describe our first week of travelling- Suns Out Guns Out! With only 1 rainy day in the middle you would think spring had already arrived. We have been able to wear shorts, thongs and singlets daily. Glorious beach walks each day with amazing views and wonderful sunsets, but trying to keep the kids out of the water is the challenge. Most times after reading the riot act, telling the kids the water is too cold then getting distracted by Josh because he is excited he dug a hole, Sienna ends up in the water fully clothed declaring “Look Mum I’m a mermaid!” Lucky when we got to Bonny Hills BIG 4 they had a heated pool and there was no keeping her away.

Sick kids in a caravan also make for an interesting lesson. Josh woke at 5.30am the other morning with a sore tummy. Craig got up so I continued to pretend I was asleep. Josh said maybe he was just hungry so Craig made some Weetbix with milk. ROOKIE ERROR! Kid has sore tummy and husband is giving him milk, this cannot end well. At this stage I now realise I should have gotten up and taken over, but who am I to interrupt. Josh goes back to bed, next minute, and projectile vomit all through his bed! This is when I bound out of bed in one single leap. Nothing more attractive than a mother with bed hair in her cheetah Pyjamas and ugh boots outside at 6am hosing vomit from the multiple layers of kids bedding. This was pre coffee to, so everything is just too hard at this stage! Tried hard to smile at other campers and make light of the situation, but who was I kidding, they were laughing on the inside.

Settling in slowly to this new lifestyle and not having anywhere to be. I still wake up each day and start making a plan in my head for what we need to achieve today, then I slowly realise my plan is to have no plan! Have only almost burnt the van down 4 times, but those gas stoves just have a mind of their own! Even cooked a curry the other night and was told “this is the best thing you have ever cooked”, and that’s a big thing for me considering my baked dinners use to be a lamb shank with a salad.

We are meeting the kid’s educator this week so we will start our official distance education. Teacher has promised me she is on call for any help, so I am setting up the speed dial ASAP. Kids made us have assembly in the car the other day, singing the National Anthem as we drove along. They informed us we need to do this twice per week. Perhaps this is where I can declare my need for less sand in the van and request Josh does not sing the Ninja Turtles theme song whilst going to the toilet, you know, the important things.

So we continue our trek north this week to the NSW/QLD border. Hopefully the sun keeps shining, cooking continues to improve and the kids continue to sleep in!

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